Life Coaching with PR6 Resilience Measurement

Coaching both Individuals & Businesses

Did you know that Michal Baghlani of Aware Psychology and Coaching is a qualified Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale(PR6) life coach?

Using the PR6 model Michal is able to perform the forward-looking psychometric evaluation of a number of crucial life skills that are vital to achieving well-being and personal success.

During a life coaching session, you’ll take an efficient resilience psychometric measurement which you’ll complete in a short test.  The PR6 is delivered online through a unique microlearning platform called Resicoach. The results will indicate areas in which further resilience work is needed.

PR6 is scientifically validated, being based on neurobiological foundations.  The focus on neuroscience enables identification of more effective ways to build resilience, leading to comprehensive micro-learning training.

We look forward to you booking your PR6 Resilience Coaching sessions in Sydney or Video with Michal via our online booking tool.


Clear goals, goal orientation, control, self-worth, personal values.


Emotion regulation, patience, managing negativity


Problem solving, resourcefulness, ready for change


Exercise frequently, sleep hygiene, health nutrition


Bouncing back, optimism through adversity


Support networks, working in teams, managing perceptions.

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