I recently visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Nowra with the family and developed a new found appreciation for the work that our Australian Defence Members do every day.

As a long-standing and experienced service provider for the ADF, I have heard several stories and have been in awe of how members have had to manage extremely challenging environments. Some of the helicopters on display provoked anxiety in me. It’s no surprise that the risk of PTSD increases significantly once you are enlisted. I could almost hear the sounds of war and I’ve never been enlisted or in a war zone.

ADF members with a valid referral are able to book counselling with me or one of our team online at www.awarepsychology.com Please reach out for help if it’s needed. Too many lives have been lost to suicide. Help is available. If you need support managing how you are feeling please ask for help.  It’s the right thing to do. It’s the strong thing to do.

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