Should you be striving for perfection or…?


Lifestyle changes can be challenging and many can be quick to give up. Any attempt to change, no matter how small is progress.

Your first attempt at mindfulness and mindful breathing, for example, may not grant you the depth of symptom relief you sought, however the fact that you attempted a new personal management strategy should be considered as progress. We can’t all be perfect, and in fact, away from the rose-tinted lens of Instagram and Facebook you would struggle to find anyone who is perfect. Certainly, perfection doesn’t come easy, it takes time and considerable effort even when it does come.

Managing our mental health can be as much of a challenge as managing a fitness regime. We will rarely be perfect and there will always be room for personal development. But progress is progress and you should feel good about moving forward. Acknowledge every step of progress regardless of it’s size. Be grateful for the progress you have made.

If you need support and help in achieving your goals, then its ok to ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of a courageous person, and nothing to be ashamed of. A qualified Psychologist can help you understand your goals, and then help you to position them in your mind such that you can achieve the progress you need.

Aware Psychology and Coaching have experienced, highly qualified Psychologists and Coaches available to help empower you towards achieving your goals and recognising the personal development objectives that you have set for yourself. Book an appointment today, or get in touch via our contact form with any queries you might have.

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