Resilience Coaching

Coaching for Individuals, Businesses & Groups

To succeed in today’s environment, we need resilience skills now more than ever!

Resilience skills are needed by people at all ages and all life stages.

Through the use of a comprehensive and holistic training program you are capable of developing your resilience at any age. Resilience is about personal vision and goals, emotional composure and stress management, problem solving and change readiness, tenacity and persistence, collaboration and networking, as well as looking after your physical health. By developing resilience, you will then be capable of achieving success and improving your wellbeing.

Combining neuroscience and psychology, this scientifically validated program has been of benefit both with individuals and groups or teams.

PR6 Sydney Coaching for Resilience - Aware Psychology and Coaching

The Six Domains Of Resilience


Sense of purpose
Clear goals


Regulate emotions
Managing bias
‌Calm and in control


‌Anticipate challenges


Health nutrition
Quality sleep
Regular exercise


Realistic optimism
Bounce back


Support networks
Social context
Manage perceptions

Coaching for Individuals

Supporting your growth in both your personal and work life.

Increase your confidence, motivation and sense of purpose. Learn how to self-regulate, actively manage stress and maintain a high state of focus and performance. Improve your abilities to communicate at work and in your personal and work life. Develop a greater sense of well-being and confidence.

Coaching for Businesses

Engaging your people and helping them thrive both in and outside of work.

$34K average cost for replacing one employee
43% increased risk of employees leaving due to low wellbeing
82% increase in job satisgaction from high resilience
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