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  • Michal Baghlani, Aware Psychology & Coaching

    Mosman – Our new counselling location at Myahgah Road

    I will now be working across two locations and will be available in Sydney CBD and Mosman.I have joined Dr Turtle and the integrative team at Oasis Integrative Medicine, 25 Myahgah Road, Mosman. Working collaboratively within a team of
  • Buy A Bale - Supporting Australian Farmers through the drought

    Buy a bale – The Drought, it ain’t Over !

    Australia's farmers are struggling to feed their livestock as a result of significant drought around the country. The emotional strain of financial pressure often leads to family break down and in some instances suicide. Your donations to buy a
  • shutterstock_491164813a

    Discover how your sleep, diet, thoughts and exercise contribute to your mood

    Are you one of the many who believe that your mood is all psychological?Have you ever considered how your sleep, exercise and diet may be impacting your mood?Are you aware as to just how significant an impact your thoughts, breathing,
  • Aware Psychology & Coaching, Therapy and Counselling

    Introducing Mindfulness

    There is a lot of talk these days about preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of illness.  Just as these can work for physical health there are many things you can do for your mental health.  Mindfulness is one such technique that can
  • Australian Defence Force, ADF Counselling and Therapy in Sydney or online

    Supporting the Australian Defence Force

    I recently visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Nowra with the family and developed a new found appreciation for the work that our Australian Defence Members do every day.As a long-standing and experienced service provider for the ADF, I have
  • Michal Baghlani, Aware Psychology & Coaching, Sydney Australia, Counselling in Sydney

    Develop strength and resilience by facing your vulnerabilities

    Vulnerabilities! Learning to face them develops strength and resilience. You can now see me facing a personal vulnerability in a brief introduction video on the home page at I hope to be sharing more videos with you
  • Signs of Depression, Aware Psychology and Coaching

    Six signs of depression to recognise in yourself or others

    Depression is a common, serious medical illness that impacts how we feel, think and act. The good news is that it is very treatable.By understanding the symptoms associated with depression we can get the help that is needed for ourselves or
  • Online Video Counselling & Therapy - Aware Psychology and Coaching, Michal Baghlani

    Is online video counselling & therapy right for you?

    By now, it is likely that you have heard of online counselling or telehealth, and may be wondering whether its right for you.In the past, it was more difficult than it needed to be to get help for things like depression, anxiety, trauma or
  • Counselling in Sydney

    Our new website is now live

    The brand new Aware Psychology and Coaching website is now live.We are now making our mark on Counselling and Coaching in the Sydney CBD and Mosman. Together with our partners, we aim to provide the very best of Psychology and Coaching
  • Australia Workplace Mental Health

    Australia’s deadly workplace crisis highlights the problem of the workplace mental health crisis.  In case you don't have time to watch the video and read the article we've summarised it below given how urgent and critical it is that workplace employee mental health is
  • Acceptance and Breathing - role in mental health, Counselling in Sydney

    Is your emotional resilience supported by an acceptance of discomfort?

    Learning to accept discomfort is a vital step in the development of emotional resilience. This is not to say that we want or welcome discomfort yet that we are willing to accept it's presence and transition through it. Once we have
  • Strive for progress not perfection

    Should you be striving for perfection or…?

    Lifestyle changes can be challenging and many can be quick to give up.  Any attempt to change, no matter how small is progress. Your first attempt at mindfulness and mindful breathing, for example, may not grant you the depth of symptom relief
  • emotional fluidity and mental wellness

    Do you support your mental wellness with emotional fluidity ?

    Have you ever contemplated how may feelings or emotions you experience in a single day? If you were able to acknowledge the emotions that you feel, you would see how normal and routine they are.  By acknowledging that you

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