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Have you Considered how your Gut may be Impacting your Mood?

Your gut microbiome has the capacity to impact your overall health. Gaining insight into your gut microbiome provides you with information to help you make better informed lifestyle choices.

Discover which gut bacteria are present in your microbiome and the role they are playing. Identify where you sit on the gut health spectrum and learn how to promote the growth of friendly and beneficial bacteria.

Your gut health impacts inflammation, immunity, weight, hormones, and mood. Yep, read that one again. Your gut health impacts your mood!

Contact us to enquire about receiving a gut health kit and report. On completion of your Insight assessment by Microba you will receive a personalised, science-based report with recommendations that you can action yourself.

Your gut health may just be the missing link to managing your anxiety or depression. By combining psychology with a healthy lifestyle, you are able to make long term changes.

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