Do you support your mental wellness with emotional fluidity ?


Have you ever contemplated how may feelings or emotions you experience in a single day?

If you were able to acknowledge the emotions that you feel, you would see how normal and routine they are. By acknowledging that you have different emotions throughout any given day you’ll start to see how normal changes to your mood are. You can learn to normalise your emotions and let them be.

Acknowledging your different emotions is a simple mindfulness technique to assist you when you feel like you are not able to shift from a dominant uncomfortable emotional state such as low mood. You will soon learn that your mood quite naturally goes up and down. Your lower moods aren’t permanent and will be replaced by different emotions.

You may find a burst of relief from anxiety or sadness from the smallest event of your day. Once you acknowledge even the tiniest shift of emotion you open up an awareness of your ability to experience various emotions. You can then start to learn to manage the emotions that you feel as opposed to the emotion managing you.

A qualified Psychologist can help you if you need support to understanding and context your emotions or want to learn how mindful techniques can help you. You may also want to consider seeing a qualified Psychologist if you have experienced low moods or depression continually for several weeks.

Aware Psychology and Coaching have experienced, highly qualified Psychologists and Coaches available to help empower you towards achieving your goals and recognising the personal development objectives that you have set for yourself. Book an appointment today, or get in touch via our contact form with any queries you might have.

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