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Individuals, Couples, Defence Force, Uniformed Services, Groups and Employees

At Aware Psychology and Coaching, we provide counselling services that cater to people from all walks of life and backgrounds.  Our approach is to provide a non-judgemental, safe and trusted space in which you can share your feelings and emotions in complete confidence. Our aim is to empower you to live a fulfilled life and achieve your goals.

The majority of our services are available both face to face at our offices in Sydney or online via high-quality, secure online video counselling. Our online coaching services are available globally.


Aware Psychology and Coaching provide face to face and online video counselling sessions for a broad group of people regardless of nationality, lifestyle, race or religion.  We provide a safe, confidential environment to explore your needs and objectives. In our initial sessions, we will explore what your expectations of counselling are in order to ensure that you can receive appropriate care. Our approach will be to listen to you and in turn empower you to achieve your goals and live a fulfilled life.

  • relationship problems
  • career or work-life balance challenges
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • bereavement and other losses
  • feeling lonely and unheard
  • feeling depressed
  • lack of self-confidence or self-esteem
  • phobias
  • trauma


Most relationships will go through their ups and downs, but sometimes relationships can become a little stuck and it can be hard to talk things through or to move the relationship forward. At times like this, a qualified, highly experienced Psychologist and Counsellor can help listen to how each of you is feeling, and provide the context and support to help you move forward.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties, or your relationship is just not quite right, your Counsellor is here to listen and help you with any relationship problems that you might have. If you are currently in a relationship you may decide to come to the sessions with your partner, or on your own.

Areas that we cover for couples include:

  • separation & divorce
  • disagreements and quarrels
  • communication
  • jealousy
  • adultery
  • sexual problems
  • domestic abuse
  • problematic friends
  • workplace difficulties
  • parenting
  • step-family issues


Group Counselling and Therapy has been proven to be beneficial for a variety of mental health-related issues. Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and Addictions related problems are all particularly suitable to group therapy.  Sometimes sessions are led by a qualified Psychologist or Counsellor, at other times by a trained Peer Support Specialist, and yet others by a facilitator who has benefited from the support offered by the group.

Aware Psychology and Coaching supports Group Therapy Sessions.  Please get in touch with us if you are interested in facilitating or participating in Group Therapy or Peer Support Sessions.

Australian Defence Force & Uniformed Services

Aware Psychology and Coaching specialise in supporting the Australian Defence Force and Civilian Uniformed Services.  Our Counsellors are highly qualified and experienced in supporting serving ADF officers, and those transitioning to civilian lives.  We are also experienced in working with police, fire, rescue and medical support staff and the particular challenges resulting from the pressures of such work.

Whether you are currently serving, transitioning, or retired from service we can provide support for a range of issues including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • rehabilitation
  • trauma
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • change
  • transition & adjustment
  • relationships

Corporate Wellness & Employee Assistance Programmes

Both companies and employees are becoming increasingly aware of the vital importance of good mental health care within the workplace.  Company owners, shareholders and boards have identified that employee mental health is a business asset that directly influences revenue, productivity and cost. It is no longer seen as an optional, employee benefit, but as a core part of doing business.  Supporting employee mental health and wellness, and also that of their families leads to better motivated, better engaged employees, and reduces the incidence of presenteeism, where employees are at work, but disengaged.

Aware Psychology and Coaching, provide specialist support to companies, their employees and their direct family members.  Our proactive end to end services include working with you to ensure that your company appropriately prioritises and manages mental health in its day to day processes and rewards employees appropriately, through to supporting employee talks and education within the office, or as part of manager and employee training. We also provide traditional Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to provide staff with confidential direct Counselling and therapy services.

Contact us today to find out how Aware Psychology and Coaching, as well as our specialised Corporate Wellness partners, can support your business.

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