Australia’s Deadly Workplace Crisis highlights the problem of the workplace mental health crisis. In case you don’t have time to watch the video and read the article we’ve summarised it below given how urgent and critical it is that workplace employee mental health is addressed:

A ‘suck it up’ approach to stress is NOT resilience. This only feeds the stress and leads to heightened anxiety and depression. Thought processes; lifestyle choices; diet; sleep; social and family support all feed into our mental and overall wellbeing.

“Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety cost Australian businesses up to $12 billion.

With one in every three people in any Australian workplace currently experiencing some kind of mental health challenge, we clearly need urgent action to tackle what the Black Dog Institute calls a “public health crisis”.

The experts say we need workers to prioritise their mental health and that of those around them, employers to create a supportive culture with universal support on an ongoing basis and structural change within industries, with the assistance of government. Vitally, we need to remove the culture of shame and be willing to address mental health as we would any other problem.”

You can view the full, original article by Emma Reynolds on at:…/n…/cbca12299b34930b22c7b69f7583b576

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