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Michal Baghlani – Head Psychologist & Founder

Registered Psychologist with The Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA)
Supporting Member of the Trauma Research Foundation

Michal Baghlani is the head psychologist and founder of Aware Psychology & Coaching. She has worked for over 15 years in the area of employee health and wellbeing as a workplace trainer, coach and change facilitator. Michal has worked for some of Australia’s leading EAP organisations providing coaching, training facilitation, career transition services, counselling and crisis interventions. She also has extensive rehabilitation, and injury management experience, both in case management, and the assessment and treatment of complex psychological injuries and chronic pain presentations.

Michal’s integrative approach to intervention combined with her authentic nature provides a welcoming and safe environment for clients who often express gratitude for being able to discuss concerns with ease. Michal’s aim through intervention is to normalise her client’s experience through brain based psycho-education and provide techniques that empower self-management and acceptance. Treatment modalities utilised by Michal include Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

From employee assistance counselling to the provision of psychological services to Australian Defence Force members it is evident that Michal has an ability to work with a broad client base from both public and private sectors. Her passion for anxiety and stress management sees her working face to face with individuals as well as within a training environment where she facilitates coaching on emotional resilience. Michal enjoys the rewards of empowering her clients to independently manage their mental health and general wellbeing.

Brendan Lim – Provisional Psychologist

Registered Provisional Psychologist with The Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA)

Brendan is a registered provisional psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and an Associate Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists inc (Assoc MAAPi). He holds a BA with honours degree in psychology in addition to a Graduate Diploma of Science with distinction in psychology. He has practical experience delivering psychological services in-person and via telephone/video at academic, community, and private settings. In his spare time, he enjoys attending shows, being creative, catching up with people, delving into food, exploring places, or plainly relaxing.

Brendan has an authentic, easy-going, insightful and respectful nature. While building rapport with his clients he enjoys empowering and assisting them through solution focused intervention to achieve their therapeutical goals.

With over 5 years experience in counselling individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and orientations,  Brendan has experience with presentations that include anxiety, change, depression, grief/loss, relationships, self-harm/suicide, trauma, work-related issues, and pathological conditions. Topics regarding attachment, culture, and decision-making are of particular interest to Brendan, though he is always eager to expand on what ‘makes us tick’ in any aspect. Having held a range of job roles, resided and travelled in regions of Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and North America, Brendan can bring his real-world exposure to different walks of life into sessions alongside his professional training.

Our Partners

Kuni Takeshima – Psychologist

Kuni is the founder and head psychologist at Embrace Psychology. She is a psychologist, leadership coach and facilitator with 14 years’ experience working within the corporate environment, delivering consulting advice and expertise across a broad spectrum of organisational development and people development areas. Besides her organisational experience, she has extensive experience in counselling and assessment psychology gained in both public and private sectors and thus having a unique understanding of client issues from both an individual and organisational perspective. Kuni works from an eclectic range of approaches including CBT, Narrative Therapy, Family Systems, Attachment, and Schema Therapy. She particularly enjoys working in the space of self-awareness and conscious relationships. Besides helping clients through their issue, she likes to ultimately empower clients to lead meaningful lives based on their purpose.

Leesa Melchert – Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Leesa is a Health Coach and Personal Trainer.  Her primary focus is helping people to live their best life through a holistic approach to their mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Over the past 15 years, Leesa has coached many clients whom were chronically stressed, burnt out, overweight, injured or ill or were referred on the advice of their GP to make a positive change.  Many believing that stress is normal or a by-product of what I “should/need to do to achieve or get things done”. Through her experience, Leesa has identified 5 key pillars to regaining balance and bringing our mind and body back to health: Think WELL, Breathe WELL, Move WELL, Eat WELL and Sleep WELL.  By gaining valuable awareness of themselves and their bodies, her clients have successfully been able to reduce their stress levels, lose a lot of ’emotional’ weight and become more resilient, happy and healthy human beings from the inside out. Leesa believes that our bodies have an innate wisdom and by becoming in tune with ourselves, we are not only able to regain our health, but become more resilient in the face of whatever life throws at us; be more effective, engaged and productive at work and be more positive role models in our family, relationships and life.

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