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7 Reasons for Counselling

Sometimes life makes us puzzled or brings us down, and unfortunately the stigma associated with mental health issues stops many of us from reaching out for help. Well …. there are various reasons for seeing a psychologist or counsellor, and you don’t need a diagnosis to do so. Here are 7 reasons why counselling can be beneficial.

1.) Learn to Self-love

Therapy can help to improve your relationship with your body and your brain. Loving yourself leads to the development of healthy relationships with others as well.

2.) Begin to see your Problems Objectively!

Close friends and family can be great to turn to when you are in need of a deep and meaningful conversation. They can also be opinionated and quick to judge. A therapist on the other hand has no preconceived notions about you and therefore can assist with providing objective advice.

3.) Make The Uncomfortable, Comfortable!

Anxiety! We all experience it. At times it makes us want to run and hide. Therapy can assist you with tolerating stressful situations by educating and providing you with tools to regulate your emotions in times of chaos. We call this resilience.

4.) Make Good Things in Life Great!

Therapy can help you to acknowledge your strengths and assist you with changing perspective around your differences and quirks. This allows you to work with yourself and tackle issues from a different angle, often resulting in stronger relationships, new goals and a more fulfilling life.

5) Navigate Life’s Major Life Choices!

Problem solving can stunt us at times and therapy can help to clear your journey through rough waters. A therapist can assist you with decision making around work, relationships or your health.

6.) Build Better Relationships!

Therapy helps you with building trust, establishing appropriate transparency, and setting boundaries in your relationships. Allowing for deeper connections with others and life in general.

7.) Identify personal behaviours and patterns!

It can be difficult to take an objective look at your own decisions, behaviours and patterns. A therapist can help you to identify unhelpful patterns and take action towards developing healthier behaviours.


At Aware Psychology and Coaching, our resident qualified and experienced Psychologists can provide you with support in a broad range of areas.  Depending on your reasons and objectives for engaging with us, our counselling services can be offered on an individual or couples basis. We also support group therapy and peer support sessions. Counselling Services are generally available either face to face in our centrally located offices in Sydney or can be offered globally through high quality and secure online video counselling/tele-health.


Resilience skills are needed by people of all ages and all life stages. Resilience is just as important whether you are an individual with relationship, career or other goals, as it is to businesses looking to develop more effective, more productive teams. Resilience can be developed at any age or in any setting through the use of proven, comprehensive and holistic training programmes such as PR6 that we offer.  Coaching is available in Sydney our offices for individuals or at your business’s premises.

Organisational Training

Corporate training is a means to help develop your organisation’s awareness around mental health and overall wellness. A proactive and educated organisation can help to improve team development, productivity and staff retention. We are able to accommodate your organisation’s training needs both in person and virtually. Please click below for additional information.

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